About Us

Tusker Valley Nature Stay has a quiet, peaceful atmosphere with plenty of nature and wildlife to enjoy. Abundant fishing and hiking areas make this Homestay a popular camp destination for adventure and nature lovers. Birders will experience a variety of birds. Nearby attractions include Bisile Ghat View Point,

We at Tusker Valley Nature Stay believe that the outdoors is an excellent place for families / Corporates / Friends to spend quality time together. We make it our goal to provide the very best surroundings, amenities and activities to meet the ever changing demands of today’s travelers.

We look forward to serving your recreational and camping needs and making the quality time with your family even more enjoyable.

There's so much to explore around Tusker Valley Nature Stay. Plantation walks within the estate and hiking up the nearby hills are on the cards. You could also take 4X4 jeep ride to a peak which allows you to get a panoramic view of Western Ghats.

The Best Way to Experience the Tusker Valley Nature Stay!

  • Take a 4X4 Jeep Off-road to the peak
  • Hiking in the Western Ghats
  • Kayaking and Fishing in River
  • Zipping on the river
  • Watching the sun rise and set over the mountains
  • Campfire and Bar-B-Q with friends

Special Holiday for your needs,

Tell us your interests & how you'd like to travel & our specialists will design your trip, activities & trekk around them, using their first-hand knowledge.

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